Both Bolton GP14 teams knew they had an uphill battle…West Lancs Yacht Club had decided that this years event will not be run on handicap, the GP14s, Enterprises and Larks had all been given a PY of 1000 meaning that the boat in the lead on the water (bar penalties) would be the winner, whether they’re a faster boat or not. Being the slowest boat, the Bolton GP14 teams had a tough battle to be anywhere in with a chance of doing well..

The wind was whistling down the streets of Southport and across the lake at the start, and unusually for the 24 hour race was pretty much the same at the end.

The Bolton A team, in flight 0 with number one on the front made an excellent start and fought throughout the race for the lead. Trying to hold back a pack of faster boats was a hard challenge; quick pit changes and loads of skill meant that we held off the chasing pack for most of the race. Unfortunately the speed of the Lark Class Association boat couldn’t be held off and they took the lead early on Sunday and in the end saw the Bolton A team cross the line second.

The B team had the same huge battle with a fleet of Enterprises and Larks starting before them. Having to beat them on the water with no handicap meant that it would the the same battle of skill and experience the A team had. As the finishing cannon sounded, the B team crossed the line in 44th place.

Both results are remarkable considering the handicap situation and well done to all those who sailed. Also a big thanks to those who came to assist on shore and also support our teams. Huge thanks also to Mark Platt and Mike Chritchley who kindly let their boats.

Bolton A team brought home the KP Piggott Trophy for 2nd overall, The Bolton Cup for leading GP14, the Presidents Trophy for best cumulative results over 3 years and the Lancashire Evening Post Trophy for leading Lancashire Club.

There wasn’t just two Bolton based boats in the race…Lancaster University Sailing Club, based at Bolton also had a team entered. Their Lark did very well and crossed the line in 37th position and picking up the Hayward Cup for first University Lark. Well done!

For those of you who are interested, the PY’s of the boats are 1073 for the Lark, 1116 for the Enterprise and 1127 for the GP14. This means that over the 24 hours, the Enterprise had approximately a 15 minute advantage on the GP14, but the Lark had a 72 minute advantage!

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