Bright sunshine and a force 3 gusting 4 Easterly occasionally South Easterly made for a good days sailing for the Lighting 368 open meeting at Bolton sailing club on Saturday 28th April 2007.  Seven visitors and one home boat took part in the event.

In the first race Mal Hartland (Dovestone SC) was first to the windward mark followed by Ian Ranson (Bolton SC) and Caroline Key (West Oxfordshire SC).   Tracey Hartland headed for the wrong mark and spent much of the rest of the race making up lost ground to gain third position.   Ranson hit a mark and the time lost on penalty turns enabled Mal Hartland to establish a clear lead which he held to the end.

In the second race the wind had become more gusty making the sailing more demanding.  Mal Hartland was first to the windward mark followed by Ranson and Tracey Hartland.  Key capsized three times enabling Adam Styles (Ensham SC) to take fourth place.

Tiredness had set in after the second race; both Tracey Hartland and Key stayed ashore for the third race.  Mal Hartland again made it to the windward mark first followed by Ranson and Styles.  Ranson managed not to hit any marks in this race but was unable to close the gap and Mal Hartland again finished first.


1st Mal Hartland Dovestones SC
2nd Ian Ranson Bolton SC
3rd Tracey Hartland Dovestones SC
4th Adam Styles Ensham SC
5th Gary Hogan   Haversham SC
6th Caroline Key West Oxfordshire SC