This weekend will see 1800 atheletes swimming, cycling and running at Rivington and the surrounding area. The cycle route will be taking athletes from Rivington to Belmont village then north to the M65 roundabout. This means there could be a lot of traffic problems to and from the Sailing Club. We believe Belmont Road will not be closed but you may need to indicate to marshalls where you are going.

We’re in touch with Triathlon UK and will post an update if we hear more.

Cycle Route Map

Ironman UK Website


Just had a call from the Local Belmont policeman, He advises that the road over Belmont from the Black Dog to Rivington will be closed but all the other roads will be open although some disruption may occur as at some junctions police will be controlling traffic. The event will be on from 06:00 to 15:30 and some 1800 competitors will be taking part. The bikes will come past the club 3 times. So going towards Abbey Village may be a problem during the event.