• Year so far
  • Too cold to sail?
  • New additions to the Fleet team

Year so far!

Can I start by saying a big thanks to all the people who have had a go, or been out as a regular sailor throughout this year.

I feel this year has seen a lot of new faces on the water with a “˜give it a go’ attitude.  Especially Captain Phil and his rapidly growing fleet ( I’m sure he is planning an invasion!!) The water has been pretty much full which is a good contrast and deserved payback after last year, and we have had a wide range of winds. The southerlies have been prominent but the lack of trees has still made it enjoyable.   This has also kept “˜Coffer’ (buoy 6) out of play and, Jerry Cahill happier. (For those who don’t know Jerry, he has a dislike to our poor number 6 buoy for some reason. The general opinion is that this is the one he hits the most!! )

Too cold to sail?

Well the 30 degree days are almost a distant memory and it is not long before it turns a little colder and Richard Craig may be forced to cover his knees up; I know this can’t come soon enough for most of us!

“It’s too cold to sail” I hear people starting to say –  Get some winter gear and enjoy the solid winds that this time of year starts to offer us.  And before you say “It’s ok for him with his polar bear physique!!”, On a serious note, which I know is rare for me, allow me to explain…

Sailing gear has never been so affordable and effective as it is now.  Be it a dry suit or a steamer , new or an ebay bargain, they are a great addition to your kit bag and will help you enjoy sailing from now till next spring. A few of us from the club depart from Bolton when we finish in December and sail at winter venues to get some valuable practice in. And, having sailed the past 4 winters at various venues I can recall several times every year when the sun was belting down, the wind a fantastic shift free force 3 and a fantastic sail was had by many.

It is so easy to arrive at our club in your heated car and walk into the heated club (sometimes! ), and look at the water through the window with cake and coffee in hand and say something like “err… I’ll  see what the 2nd race brings”. All I am saying is, get dressed and get out and you will soon get warm and enjoy it.  If you would like any advice on kit ask anyone who has been here for a while, or as always get hold of me, no matter how silly you may feel the question is!! I also don’t mind trawling ebay on your behalf to come up with some ideas.

So in short “Buy a hat and get sailing!!”

New additions

Firstly, thanks to Helen who, as most of you know, has been the record keeper for the last few years. With managing the Junior fleet too, Helen has too much on her hands, and has therefore resigned from her position as recod keeper. It’s a sad loss, and thanks again Helen for the years of service!!

So in her place we have managed to get a volunteer ,  Jerry Cahill. Jerry will be having his training in how to use Sailwave (results software). When I am confident he won’t fix the results,  he will be taking over! I also anticipate that in the near future results will be available on the internet in the days  soon after racing.

Also I am very pleased to announce that we have a Laser Fleet Captain in the form of Peter Mackin who will be helping me to motivate and organise Laser specific events.  Peter has been “˜lasering’ a relatively short while but as these young ones do, he has already picked up an enormous wealth of knowledge and is putting it to good use on the water. For any questions regarding laser, see Pete at the club or reach him at laser@sail.org.uk  If you see him please pat him on the back for taking on his new role  then nag him to death!

So for now, that’s it!

Please make sure you get hold of me for any sailing related questions.

Also drop me a line with any ideas on what the club, or indeed I, can do for you!

We only have a few months to go this season but we can also start to plan for 2012.

Thanks for reading, and look forward to seeing you with a hat on!!


Fleet Captian
078416 36735