As of the AGM yesterday, I’ve taken over as the Junior Fleet Captain.

It’s a bit of a rush at the moment, but due to timings of other events etc, I thought it would be useful to hold a meeting for all juniors and (well-behaved) parents to discuss the coming season and make some plans plus I’m hoping some of you will be able to volunteer to help out!

The meeting will be this Friday (24th February) at 7.30pm

If you look at the club calendar, you’ll see that it’s the only day without an event on the Saturday that many of you may be going to!

Other dates so far are…

10th March @ 10am – Race training day – you should have your own boat and be competent enough to get around a simple course! Club boats may not be available as it’s before the start of the season.

30th March @ 7.30pm – Junior Registration night – bring your log books to be checked and find out what you’ll be doing this year and what you might be sailing.

I’ll keep you posted about other dates as soon as I have them.

P.S. We’re getting our own website at but that’s just being set up at the moment.