Week 1

Four boats were out racing and 2 new members in a blue GP took the opportunity for a practice.

Chris Aubrey, whilst rigging his boat on the jetty realised he had forgotten a vital piece of equipment – his rudder. He told me he had 2 at home but they are not much use there are they Chris. John Moulton was the saviour and lent his so that Chris could sail after all.

Hopefully see more on the start line next Wednesday.

Sunday Week 4

Gary Deighan & Alan Woods were sailing away at Combs this weekend.

Graham & Julie Courtney arrived early to rig their boat in time for the 1st race but after a slight mishap resulting in a spinnaker halyard shooting up the mast, only made it out for the 2nd. Dare not say who was to blame!!!!

Gusty strange swirling winds caught some of us out today. Chris & I capsized in the 1st race – last time we went in the water was 2 years ago! Mike Critchety ditched his Supernova to sail with Alex Collins in the 2nd and 3rd race. He won the 2nd but just as he was catching us in the 3rd race, another of those strange gusts caught him out and tossed him in. We breathed a sigh of relief and Graham & Julie Courtney now had a chance to pass Mike & Alex and beat them. Graham & Amy Kershaw managed to stop upright all day and finished all 3 races.


Julie Waddington

Record Keeper