The fleet has seen almost 80% of the 22 boats on the water in the first three weeks of the season.

This as I am sure you will agree is fantastic. When we agreed to run with the fleet’s own start I was hoping for a good start but this has been exceptional.

We have had pretty testing conditions over the last two weeks but this has not put people off and we have continued to have good numbers at the start line with a good mixture of abilities battling it out over the course.  So far the score sheet has seen it all, from seasoned veterans that we all know, to first time out after level 2 training in toppers like Dave Halton.

It is great to hear and see people sharing ideas and pointing out observations on and off the water. Also the reminding of obvious mistakes at the bar afterwards has become part of the day.

Having not fleet raced myself for over 15 years I had forgotten just how close the racing gets and how you can never relax for a second in order to keep your place in the pack, as the next boat is never far behind you. But this for me personally is what it is all about, and I am sure others would agree.

Results are always up to date at  http://results.sail.org.uk/2012/sn_a_series.html

The offer is still there for anyone who wants to be a part of or watch the supernova forum we have for B.S.C.  Just drop me an email at stuart@sail.org.uk and I will happily add you to it.


I will sign off for now and not mention the word Supernova for at least 2 days.

Don’t forget Wednesday night racing starts this week!


Thanks for reading and see you on the water!