Friday/Saturday 13/14th April 2012
By Keith Roberts
Supernova Training
Bolton Sailing Club hosted a Supernova Training day on Friday 13th April with 17 boats taking part in the training. Paul Earnshaw the Supernova Association chairman travelled up from Haversham SC to pass on his knowledge assisted by Steve Hawley from Bartley SC. The weather lived up to the forecast of sunshine and showers with a F2 easterly (onshore) wind which eventually swung South then settled in the North before finally dying away just as the on water sessions finished.
Paul’s approach to the training was a quick briefing in the club house about the boat setup and controls, followed by getting the boats on the water and trying out different settings.
After lunch, a briefing on race starts followed by a look at Paul’s boat and a practical display of the effects of controls on the sails. Then it was on the water with several mini races with Paul sailing his boat and Steve in the safety boat organising the start/finishes.
All the participants came off the water at the end of the day tired, but much better prepared for the Open meeting organised for the Saturday.
The sailing club organised a meal in the evening for those staying over for the Open meeting.
Supernova Open
Saturday morning dawned and the breeze had increased to a north easterly Force 3, with frequent shifty gusts which kept the safety boat crews busy! By 09:30 the registration desk was extremely busy with the club turning out 13 boats and 16 visiting boats from several clubs in the UK. Due to the direction of the wind the Race officer decided to use several of the marks and all of the lake however it ensured that there were at least 2 good beats in each lap.

In race 1, Tony Critchley (Bolton) arrived at the 1st mark ahead of the pack however it paid to keep right and Paul Earnshaw (Haversham) had a battle with Mark Platt (Bolton) and Steve Hawley (Bartley) however Mark pulled clear of Paul on the last lap. After 3 laps the OOD shortened course and Mark took the win followed by Paul, Tony and Steve.
After lunch race 2 started with continuous gusts coming across the lake, Paul Earnshaw lead from the start with Stuart Catterall (Bolton) hard on his heels with Mark Platt giving him a hard time. Mark eventually got past Stuart and at the end of the race the order of finishing was it was Paul, Mark and Stuart.
Race 3 was run immediately after race 2 was finished. Paul Earnshaw had a great start and a battle with Tony Critchley however Paul was 1st to the windward mark followed by Tony and Mark. They seemed to get away however; a massive wind shift brought all the fleet together. Paul went on to lead from start to finish with Tony in 2nd place and Mark 3rd.
Final results:
Gold Fleet
1st Paul Earnshaw (Haversham)
2nd Tony Critchley (Bolton)
3rd Steve Hawley (Bartley)
Silver Fleet:
1st Mark Platt (Bolton)
2nd Stuart Catterall (Bolton)
3rd Mike Critchley (Bolton)