So, the first junior’s night is soon to be upon us. Friday 12th April will be our first official night of training/sailing. I’ll be at the club from 6pm onwards and the plan is to find out who is around this year, check/get your log books up to date and assign you guys to your various groups.

It would be useful if you could bring along your logbook if you have one, an idea of what you’re sailing this year, what you’d like to accomplish this year, and what you’d like from the instructors & coaches.

I haven’t planned any sailing for the evening, but if the weather permits and we have some rescue cover I’m quite happy for you to go out for a sail and get your boats ready. I would like to gather everyone together at some point in the evening to talk about ideas for the new season and pass on our plans. The galley and bar will be open.

Hope to see you there