At the beginning of August, over 20 members of Bolton SC headed to Bassenthwaite Sailing Club for the annual “Bass Week”. With many of them pitching tents at the sailing club, ‘Camp Bolton’ was a lively group and entertained friends from other clubs as Bolton SC always do. The merry band of sailors (and support crew) had to cope with all weathers, first weekend was very stormy, on Sunday was heavy rain and part of camp site flooded, all survived unscathed but wet. Winds were variable throughout but very shifty.

There were standard races and pursuit races, exciting finishes. Pursuit race is where slowest boats on handicap set off first, followed by fleets of faster boats depending on their handicap. If all boats were sailed as well as each other then all boats would finish at the same time, that’s the theory anyway. Any type of boat can win, effectively all boats chasing the ones in front, exciting to watch the faster boats bearing down on the slower ones, spinnakers flying.

Bolton SC’s best result in the Nairn Pursuit race was 5th out of 107 boats by David Ivins and Lelsey Johnson in their Graduate. Carl Trinder age 13 won his first ever prize at Bass Week coming third in the Topper Fleet in the Martini Challenge Trophy race.


Photos of winners of silverware, many other prizes were achieved by Bolton SC members for second and third places in the races. Full results further down…

Photos as follows :

image002 20130811_131742

Peter Mackin age 16, winner of the race for Juniors (age under 20), Ladies and Seniors and overall winner of that race, flew round in his RS300, also second place in the Luffing Cup Fast Handicap fleet. In the race for the Martini Challenge Trophy he was second to a Merlin Rocket by only 1 second.

20130811_132646 image014

Ella Ditchfield age 16 with Greg Thomas, winners in the GP14 fleet of the Cutty Sark Challenge. Ella hadn’t sailed with Greg before so they did very well to work as a team and win.


David Ivins and Sally Dunne winners of the Slow Handicap fleet in the Nat West Cup race. David has sailed for many years and his regular crew wasn’t able to sail in this race so Sally stepped in, marking her 50th birthday in style.


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 Full list of Bolton results…

Jennings Challenge

Fast Handicap  2nd Peter Mackin

Slow Handicap 2nd David Ivins and Lesley Johnson

RS200 7th Rib and Gill Paul

Laser  12th Zena Martin

Medium Handicap 3rd Alex Collins

                          6th Jeff Robinson

GP  3rd Chris Aubrey and Tom Watts 

      5th Eddie Waring and Ella Ditchfield


Luffing Cup

FH  2nd Peter

Laser 12th Zena

          15th Henry Mitson

MH   4th Alex in Phantom

        10th Geoff Ditchfield

        18th George Mitson

GP 10th Eddie and Ella

SH 2nd David and Lesley


Dubwath Cup

FH 3rd Peter

Laser 9th Zena

         18th Henry

MH 3rd Alex

     12th Jeff Robinson

     17th George

     21st Geoff

GP 8th Eddie and Ella

SH 3rd David and Lesley


Nairn Pursuit

5th David and Lesley

28th Peter

63rd Eddie and Ella

77th Zena

87th George

103rd Geoff

106th Henry


Nat West Cup

FH 3rd Peter

Laser 11th Zena

         13th Henry

MH 9th Jeff

      17th George

GP Eddie and Ella

SH 1st David Ivins and Sally Dunne


Martini Challenge

FH 2nd Peter

Laser 9th Zena

          14th Henry

MH 13th Jeff

      20th Geoff

GP 10th Eddie and Ella

SH 7th David and Sally

Topper 3rd Carl Trinder


RNLI Pursuit

23rd Peter

25th Alex

51st Geoff

58th Jeff

68th Zena


Martini Challenge – again

FH 4th Peter

Laser 14th Zena

MH 3rd Alex

      8th Jeff

      10th George

      16th Geoff

GP 7th Eddie and Ella

SH 8th David and Sally

Topper 4th James Devereux


Ladies/Juniors/Over 60s race

1st Peter

2nd Alex

34th Zena


Cutty Sark Challenge

FH 3 Peter

Laser 19th Zena

MH 10th Jeff

GP 1st Ella with Greg Thomas (Southport)

SH 3rd David Ivins with Jenny Williamson