We’ll soon be working on the OOD list for 2018. If you know when you will, or won’t be available this year please let us know via the form below ASAP.

  • Bylaws & Regulations


    7. All members shall in turn perform the duties of Officers of the Day at Club events, races or regattas, and shall be responsible for the running of such events, etc. Racing and other sailing events shall not take place if there are less than three Officers of the Day actively involved in the duties and at least one fast safety boat is available and operational from the commencement to the conclusion of the event.

  • Click the dates below that you definitely CAN NOT DO, for example, holidays etc.
  • As well as dates you can't do, let us know if there are dates you'd really like to be put down for.
  • Let us know about other reasons why you may, or may not, be able to do a duty.