RYA Dinghy Level 1 & 2 Training

The next adult beginners course (RYA Adult Dinghy Level 1 & 2) will be conducted in modular form, starting on Saturday 18 August and most of the subsequent Saturdays until the end of November. The available dates are listed on the Events/Calendar page of the website.

RYA Dinghy Level 1 teaches you how to sail in all directions, including an awareness of launching and recovering. We have reduced the price of this course to just £20!

RYA Dinghy Level 2 teaches you how to rig the boat, launch it and sail in all directions. You will also learn capsize recovery and essential safety knowledge. Cost is only £65

Assumed Knowledge:                   None.

Eligibility:                                       Minimum 16 years old.

The following new members have already paid for the course:

Adrian Thomson Massey (Level 1)

Anne Marsh  and Catherine Marie Parkington (Level 2)

Clare Allen (Level 1 & 2)

Plenty other new members and potential new members have expressed interest!


RYA Dinghy Level 3 (Better Sailing), Seamanship & Sailing with Spinnakers

This is 3 courses rolled into one!

RYA Dinghy Level 3 will give you more confidence in your sailing skills and develops advanced techniques.

Seamanship covers launching and recovering the boat in different circumstances, stopping, reducing sail, recovering a man overboard and anchoring.

Sailing with Spinnakers covers rigging the boat, gybing and recovering one type of spinnaker, either conventional or asymmetric (but if you talk nicely to the instructors they might be persuaded to cover both types!). It also covers how to sail the best possible course downwind.

Please contact training@sail.org.uk with the dates you are available and the best times for you (eg. evenings/weekends). If we have enough interest we will plan it in.

So far, only Simon Horton and David Bartholemew have expressed interest in this course but no-one has actually paid!


Powerboat Training

The next RYA Level 1&2 Powerboat course is on 6 & 20 October. Cost is £130.

We can only accept 6 people on this course. Billy Stonecliffe has already paid in full. Sam and Josh Aubrey have secured their places with a generous deposit.


The RYA Safety Boat course is on 3 & 10 November.  PAY NOW TO GUARANTEE YOUR PLACE ON THIS COURSE!

Instructor Training

We are offering the following instructor training.  Please contact training@sail.org.uk with the dates you are available and the best times for you (eg. evenings/weekends). If we have enough interest we will plan them in:

  • Assistant Instructor – We need AIs to support our Dinghy Instructors and Senior Instructors during training and coaching sessions.
  • Dinghy Instructor (weekend course) – Learn how to teach others to sail in easy, logical steps and develop your own sailing skills at the same time! The RYA has agreed to put on a DI course at BSC over several Saturdays if 3 or more BSC members attend. Any remaining places will be advertised out across other clubs.
  • Dinghy Instructor (weekday course) – There is just 1 place still available on this course at Southport on 20 – 24 August. Ian Moodie is already booked onto the course.

Booking a Training Course

Use the “Learn to Sail” menu on the website http://sail-org-uk.stackstaging.com/training/ to see all the courses available, the booking form, and how to pay.

The first to pay the course fee (and membership fee if not already paid) will be the ones who do the course!  The best way to pay is by bank transfer and there are payment details on the website Learn to Sail pages. Alternatively, you can pay by cash/cheque if you prefer.

Please email me ASAP via training@sail.org.uk if you definitely want to do a course, to confirm that you have paid, or if you have any questions.

Training Calendar

Confirmed course dates are highlighted in purple on the Events Calendar when you follow the “See more details” link on http://sail-org-uk.stackstaging.com/events/calendar/

Do you need a crew?

Several new members are keen to crew for someone. Do you need a crew? Even if it’s only for one day?

The noticeboard in the entrance hall (left hand side on entry) includes a Helm/Crew wanted page. Some of our new members have started to use this page to advertise their availability. If you would also like to offer your crewing services, feel free to add your name and contact details next time you are at the club. If you need a crew, please put your name on too! Then make contact with each other!! Surely it’s better to get out there on the water than just watch or (worse) do something else instead!

I know there are also new members whose names are not yet up there that would benefit from crewing for an experienced helm! Previous crewing experience not essential!!