GP14 fleet

GP14Fleet Captain:
Andrew Bury

Vice Captain:
Gary Deighan 

Bolton Sailing club has a healthy and active gp fleet with some of the finest crews in the country competing at the club on a weekly basis. Because of the size of the fleet there is competition at all levels from the novice to class champions.
Training at Bolton is key to the future of the fleet, enabling crews to become more proficient quickly and enabling them to join the fleet competitively on race days.

Racing is held on the following :

  • Sundays ““ Practice in the morning, then 3 races in the afternoon.
  • Wednesday Evenings – 1 race then into the bar
  • Friday Evenings – Practice Night and training sessions
  • Regular Open meetings are held throughout the season including a 12hr team race.

Off the water the members of Bolton sailing club put a lot of effort into arranging of social functions for all ages in the club. Making it a safe and enjoyable place to sail and relax.

The GP14

The GP is a one-design 14ft. dinghy, raced by a crew of two or cruised three or four up. It is a three sailed ‘mid-performance’ boat which can be sailed safely in a wide range of sea and weather conditions, by moderately competent crew or it can be enjoyed while racing on the edge with spinnaker up in force 5 and 6 winds or tactically gaining inches, in a large championship fleet in a flat calm. It is a forgiving boat, easy to learn in and tolerant of a wide range of crew weight or experience.

The International Class Association keeps the GP14 up to date by continuous development and improvements, carefully designed not to prejudice older boats, while at the same time improving its appeal and ease of maintenance. Cost of ownership is kept down by a special class insurance scheme and restriction on the prices of major items such as sails and spars. Many other classes have very high costs for these items and extremely bad resale prices for boats, as fleets are small or non-existent and boats are only competitive for a season, so beware. Depreciation on GP’s is very small, so not only is the boat both easy and fun to sail but it is easy on the pocket too, with no sting in its tail when you want to sell.