GP14 Donated by
“B” Points Series – The Bailey Trophy  
First Points Series – YWGP 14 1 Trophy  
Second Points Series – YWGP 14 2 Trophy  
Wednesday Points Series – The Falconer Trophy  
The Elizabethan Trophy S. Jones
The Williamson Trophy H.S. Williamson
The Young Trophy Ald. Fr. K. Young
The Bell Trophy  
The Catlow Trophy  
The Belmont Trophy (Open Winners)  
Autumn Series – The Bailey Autumn Series Trophy J. & E. Bailey
Merlin Rocket Donated by
First Points Series – Belmont Goblet Mr. & Mrs. C. Robinson
Second Points Series – Devon Goblet Mr. & Mrs. C. Robinson
Wednesday Points Series – Banks Trophy  
The Coronation Trophy Mr. & Mrs. F. Ellis
Merlin Goblet (1st Bolton Boat MR Open) J. A. Ingham
The Mason Trophy “The Mason Family”
The Skinner Trophy F. Skinner
The Makin Trophy  
The Clapperton Trophy  
The Hamilton Trophy  
The Don Godbert Shield Mr. & Mrs. D. Godbert
The Satisfaction Trophy Mr. E. Walley
Handicap Donated by
First Points Series – Lark Rosebowl Mr & Mrs Robinson
Second Points Series – The BSC Trophy  
Wednesday Points Series – The OK/Handicap Wednesday Points Series Trophy  
The Stake Moss Trophy F. Donnison
The Haslam Trophy H. L. Haslam
The Catlow Tankard  
The Transom Trophy  
The Harry Barnes Trophy  
The O.K. Shield (1st Bolton Boat Handicap Open Meeting)  
The Middleton & Mellor Trophy N. F. Wolfendom (Middleton & Mellor Ltd.)
The Betty Godbert Trophy Mr. & Mrs. D. Godbert
Other Trophies Donated by
The Howarth Trophy (Alternatively MR & GP14)  
The Commodore’s Cup (Alternatively MR & GP14) F. B. Routledge
The RNLI Trophy (Alternates MR, Handicap, Juniors & GP14)  
The Fairclough Ladies Trophy  
The Belmont Dragon (Club Championships) H. & D. Kershaw
The Travellers Trophy (Non-returnable, given at discretion of Flag Officers)  
The Entwistle Trophy (Highest number of turn outs in all fleets) R. Entwistle
The Davalan Trophy Mr. D. Clarke & Mr. A. Fokerd
Juniors Donated by
Second Points Series – The Harold Cragg Trophy  
The Junior Jubilee Cup (Best Helm U14)  
The 71 Squadron Trophy  
The Fairclough Junior Trophy  
The Relph Cadet Trophy (Belmont Trophy)  
The Warren Cadet Trophy  
The Junior Endeavour Trophy (Awarded by Junior Captain) Mr. C. Spargo
The Navigator Trophy (First Bolton Junior Open) Mr. P. S. Linney
The Simon Relph Tankard  
The Simon Ball Memorial Trophy Mr. K. Ball