J4G BoatThis week Bolton Sailing Club took delivery of a unique set of sails. Adorned with Jeans for Genes graphics, these sails for the GP14 class, which were donated by Speed Sails, will be used for the Southport 24hr race on September 15th and 16th.

This gruelling event will start at noon on Saturday when more than 70 boats will compete in the Southport marine lake to achieve the fastest average lap speed. The Bolton club will take two boats and a team of 30 to crew and support them.

Bolton Sailing Club are hoping for a good result but as their Commodore Andrew Craig explains

“If there was a prize for visual impact we would already be in first place! All we have to do now is make the same impact in the water”

Bolton Sailing Club and Speed sails have joined forces at this years race to support Jeans for Genes. Jeans for Genes is a national charity which funds research into the causes and treatments of genetic disorders in children and is best known for its annual Jeans for Genes Day when millions of people ditch the usual dress code and wear jeans in exchange for a small donation. This year Jeans for Genes Day is on Friday 5th October.

Bolton Sailing Club with over 400 members has been based at Belmont reservoir, between Bolton and Chorley for fifty years. It is one of the foremost sailing clubs in the north of England with a flourishing junior section and a commitment to family sailing.

Local Jeans for Genes organiser, Geoff Creamer, who has two sons affected by a genetic disorder is seen here (left) with Andrew Craig (right) and the Jeans for Genes boat.

He is delighted with the support so far,

“Bolton Sailing Club and Speed Sails have really got behind this charity. We are all looking forward to a great event and hopefully a good result”

“We need to raise the profile of Jeans for Genes both in the sailing community and in the North West. This is a high profile local event in the sailing calendar that will attract thousands of visitors so please come along and give your support”

“Alternatively, if you want to get involved on Jeans for Genes day, October 5th, register for an information pack at www.jeansforgenes.com or phone 0800 9804800.”

Notes to Editors

* Jeans for Genes is a national charity which funds research into the causes, treatments and cures for genetic disorders in children
* There are over 4,000 known genetic disorders. These are inherited conditions which can range from something as relatively easy to treat as a squint or cleft lip to some very serious and life-threatening diseases such haemophilia, muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis. For many of these conditions there is no cure
* Jeans for Genes has funded some important medical breakthroughs ““ for example gene therapy, which can help children born with no natural immunity
* The annual Jeans for Genes Day raises around £3million each year. Since 1996 the charity has raised over £27million which has been spent on research, specialist nurses, helplines, support schemes, information booklets and holidays for young children and teenagers
* For further information about Jeans for Genes, contact: Rosalind.freeborn@jeansforgenes.com Tel 020 7 163 6901
* Contact Geoff Creamer on 01772 323412
* www.jeansforgenes.com
* www.sail.org.uk
* www.speedsails.co.uk