This weekend is the Annual West Lancashire Yacht Club 24 Hour Race.

It starts at noon on Saturday and finishes noon on Sunday and takes place on the marine lake in Southport.

If you don’t know what it’s all about, WLYC website says…

“The 24 Hour Race is the premiere opportunity for Sailing Club teams to compete for serious trophies (and status), whilst also enjoying the unique hospitality provided by one of the best social events in the dinghy racing calendar (The social event lasts for 48 hours – Friday, through to Sunday).”

Thanks to the Courtneys for lending their boat to the ‘B’ team and Pete Burton for the ‘C’ team speed machine.

Who can sail?

This year we haven’t got our usual crack ‘A’ team to challenge for the win, I believe they’re taking a well deserved break. That doesn’t mean we don’t mean business! I believe the ‘B’ team is all sorted for sailors as Warren has hassled and hounded the top club sailors who will be available over the weekend.

The ‘C’ team is more of a ‘anyone who wants to sail can sail’ team. There are some conditions though…you must be competent at sailing a GP14, either helm or crew and as a crew must be able to fly a spinnaker.

Friday night?

Yep, the event starts on Friday with a party in the beer tent. I’ll be there and I believe Andy Bury has already reserved his spot at the bar so come over Friday to start the event early!


Even if you’re not sailing, the marine lake is a great place to come and watch some close racing and it’s always good to see familiar faces (with cakes). There’s also plenty of shopping opportunities in Southport if your other half ain’t interested in sailing.

Getting there

Here’s a link to Google Maps. It’s on the marine lake near the pier.



There’s now a menu item at the top of this site titled “24 Hour Race 2009” where you’ll be able to see photos taken live at the event and uploaded to the website!