A new sail for the Supernova

There is going to be a new sail. This is the grey sail that some of you will have seen (and indeed tried). It is currently with Cotswolds SC for their Supernova fleet to try and possibly provide some feedback as the sail is not yet in production.

The sail is made by Jeckells but will carry the Hartley Racing logo. The Hyde sail is to be dropped. There is more on this in the statement from Hartleys – including some very attractive introductory offers.

A new deck layout for the Supernova

As well as getting a new sail, the Supernova is to have a new deck layout. This re-design work is being done by Phil Morrison. The hull shape remains the same only the deck layout changes.

The main change is that the stern will be open and the cockpit self draining. Gone will be the Anaglypta like deck. The side decks will be stronger and there will be deck mouldings to assist with the fitting out (i.e, the mast ramp will be moulded in).

The intention is that one of these boats will be ready for the Dinghy Show in March. These changes are explained further on the Supernova website and once again there are some very attractive introductory offers.

Read more at http://www.supernovadinghy.org