With the continuing lack of rainfall, the water now 7.1 metres below the normal mark and the level dropping by 0.1 metre every 36 hours, the sailing committee last night (after a long discussion) considering the recent turnouts and options available have reluctantly decided to suspend racing for adults from Thursday 8th July until the water returns to a level which will allow safe sailing. As you will be aware this is not isolated to Belmont as it has been declared the driest spring for 79 years and United Utilities are introducing a hosepipe ban in the Northwest on the 9th July 2010 in response to the drought conditions.

Want to know what’s going on? Then come along to the meeting where you will hear what we’ve got planned. We’d like your feedback so the more attending the merrier!

Following suspension of racing for adults from 8th July 2010

Our initial thoughts are as follows:

Introduce courses:

  • RYA 1 and 2 Sunday morning people (2 weekends)
  • Powerboat 14/15th August 2010
  • Assistant Instructor Course
  • Seamanship skills
  • Race Management and OOD

Junior Racing and Adults sailing Junior Classes (to be organised by members)

No Wednesday night racing

Possibly introduce off water training if there is sufficient demand (Wednesday evenings)

Sunday working parties. Volunteers needed. Work includes jobs around the club, work on training boats and other general activities.

This is a unique opportunity to get the club and boats up to speed so that we can all really enjoy sailing as soon as it is safe to do so.

Keith Roberts
Rear Commodore
Bolton SC
7th July 2010