To include

  • Info from the sailors meeting
  • Emergency working party to rescue the jetties and oppies
  • What’s happening in the next few weeks
  • What’s been happening

Dear Member,

Just to let you know that following the sailors meeting on the 11th July, the General committee approved the issuing of a letter (to be posted to all members) which endorsed the sailing committee decision to suspend adult racing and identifying:

1. The way forward

2. The risks associated with sailing at Belmont during this period of reduced water.

3. Criteria to re start adult racing.

To clarify the decisions made at the sailors meeting – The membership agreed that the Adult Racing programme will remain suspended until the water level recovers.

The following was also agreed:

  1. There would not be a requirement for OOD/Rescue until adult racing is resumed.
  2. That junior racing/training will continue and would be organised on an ad hoc basis with parents organising OOD/rescue.
  3. RYA 1/2 courses would be run in an attempt to reduce the current numbers attending the Sunday training sessions. Courses for AI, race training, power boat and seamanship skill will also be offered.
  4. Possibly introduce off water training if there is sufficient demand (Wednesday evenings) Race Management and OOD.
  5. Sunday working parties. Volunteers needed. Work includes jobs around the club, work on training boats and other general activities.

Sailing can continue. However, all members and guests do so at their own risk and in full knowledge of the current situation with regard to the water level and the problems associated with the exposure of the mud adjacent to the pontoons, on the beach and launching and recovery of boats. A risk assessment has been completed and the hazards identified overleaf.

The sailing committee also completed a risk assessment and the details are as below:

Risk assessment:

  • Slipping:
    The areas around the jetties and between the jetties are considered to be a slip hazard with deep soft mud.
    The beach whilst fairly stable when dry becomes extremely hazardous when wet.

  • Trip Hazard:
    The beach area is littered with stones and other immovable objects/debris. Care must be taken when walking on this area. Additional care to be taken when ascending or descending the concrete ramp due to the steep incline and the metal pontoon retaining pins located on ramp.
  • Physical injury:
    Care must be taken when launching boats from the beach. The friction created on the tyres when launching and recovery over the exposed mud on the beach is very high; this activity is extremely difficult and it is recommended that assistance is obtained when moving dinghies.
  • Drowning:
    A buoyancy aid must be worn at all times when near the water or on the jetties. However, due to the reduced water level, when adjacent to the waters edge care must be taken to ensure a good footing as the depth of water increases dramatically and the mud below the water line is extremely soft and deep.

And remember “If in doubt ““ don’t go out”!

Criteria to recommence adult racing ““ It was decided at last night’s General Committee meeting that the water level would need to come up to a predetermined mark on the concrete ramp to ensure we have a good chance to continue sailing for the rest of the season. The water level will be continuously monitored and will be reviewed at he next sailing committee on the 10th of August (when everyone returns from Bass and the GP Nationals).

Jetty Rescue – As you may have noticed it’s been raining and the water level has started to rise. However this has left us with a little bit of a problem in that the boat house jetty is now stranded in the middle of the lake. An emergency working party consisting of the Bosun, Andy Bury and myself resolved the problem today and normality has returned to Belmont.

What’s been happening ““ Well Chris and Julie have been sailing down at Budworth, the Supernovas have been at Blithfield, Llandudno (Nationals) and for some, a windy Bala last Sunday.  Rob and Gill have been away to Bala with the Vision and this weekend Stu will be representing the club at the RS 300 Nationals at Prestwick. GP sailors are heading off to Abersoch for their Nationals 1st week in August and I gather the rest of the club seem to have booked for Bass week. The juniors have been sailing away at various opens and regatta’s and had a good showing at Southport. Last weekend (despite the weather) the junior camp was well supported and enjoyed as much by the adults and the kids. The Supernovas will be away again at the Inlands at Northampton 21/22 August with at least 6 boats taking part.

It is intended to run a powerboat course in August and a race training course for all the improvers out there.

Lastly, I spoke to United Utilities again yesterday and they are still on target to complete the work by the end of September 2010.

See around the club

Keith Roberts
Vice Commodore