OOD List

OOD LIST We’re now using DutyMan to manage OOD duties. You can confirm, swap, add to your OOD duty list. Access it at http://www.dutyman.biz/dm.aspx?id=B0001856

I’ve not had an email

This is probably because we’ve not got your email address. Just send an email with your full name and email address to dutyman@sail.org.uk and we’ll update your records. You’ll then receive a welcome email and an email with your list of duties.

Why am I on this list?

All full members must complete at least one OOD duty. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be setting the courses (unless your name is at the top of the list), you may be helping in a safety boat, putting up flagsĀ or noting finishing times. There’s plenty of people who are willing to help you if you’ve not done it before – the best person to ask is the Officer of the Day (Principal).

I can’t do the day you’ve listed me on

If you can’t do your OOD duty, have a look for a day you can and see if anyone on that day can swap with you. It is your responsibility to find a replacement person and we don’t like people who just don’t turn up! If you scroll down the list below, you’ll see a list of people looking for a swap. We’d suggest they are your first port of call to look for someone who may swap with you.