RYA Level 1

Date – see calendar
Cost £130 per person.
Requirements – none
Duration 2 days
Experience required – None
Course Contents

Start Sailing

Section A
Practical Skills
Rigging – has wind awareness, knowledge of spars and rigging, parts of the sail, controls and foils.

Ropework – can tie the following knots:

  • Figure of eight
  • Round turn and two half hitches
  • Secure a rope to a cleat

Sailing Techniques and Manoeuvres

  • Has wind awareness
  • Has a practical understanding of the following manoeuvres
  • Reaching – sailing across the wind
  • Stopping – lying to
  • Controlling speed
  • Tacking – turning the front of the boat through the wind
  • Getting out of irons
  • Sailing upwind
  • Sailing downwind
  • Gybing – turning the back of the boat through the wind

Launching and Recovery

  • Can secure a boat on a trolley
  • Understand the principals of:
  • Wheeling a trolley clear of other boats and overhead cables
  • Launching and leaving the shore
  • Coming ashore and recovery of boat
  • Wind awareness ashore

Section B

Sailing Background

Sailing theory and background:

  • Has awareness of other water users
  • Has basic knowledge of the rules of the road:

Clothing and Equipment

  • Knows importance of personal buoyancy


  • Has awareness of onshore and offshore winds
  • Knows source of weather information and relevance of information

Capsize Recovery

  • Understands basic theory (dry land or waist deep water capsize)
  • Understands importance of staying with boat