Having braved all kinds of weather that the heavens can thow at us for the Autumn Series, the last day of sailing on Sunday turned out to be a nice days sailing with excellent wind and even an appearance by the elusive sun!

John set some interesting courses making full use of the very full lake including the option of sailing from Waterhead to dam by either side of the island. The last race of the day (and season) only saw three competitors as the others had decided to get their boats packed up while it’s still light. The course was a triangle around the Island as the bosuns wanted to get the marks collected in.

Having only had my new boat since the middle of August I’ve strugged to pull away from the slower boats a few times and I think I’d only won one race and that was on PY against a Merlin Rocket. I’m glad that for the last race of the year I not only won on the water but also on PY too!

After the racing it was a mad dash to pack the boats up for the winter and get changed for the Carol Concert. With the Old Hall Brass Band playing carols and other festive songs, stollen and gluwein in plentiful supply I hope everyone enjoyed the end of season celebrations.