Hi, a quick update regarding recent developments at the sailing club:

1. United Utilities have just advised that the Government Inspecting Reservoir Engineer is planning to visit the Spillway site next week at which time I am hopeful he will give his approval for raising of the water level in the reservoir to commence.  As the re-filling needs to be undertaken at a controlled rate (as directed by the Inspecting Engineer), It is envisaged that re-filling to top water level will take around 6 weeks, which will take till around mid-March, 2 weeks before the start of the season.

2. At the Spillway Inspection visit last year the Project manager asked if we would like some assistance with the concrete apron project that we had identified as one of the club future projects when we had the initial Spillway meetings with United Utilities back in 2009. As the Spillway project was taking longer than first envisaged United Utilities offered to undertake the concrete apron work for the club. Consequently whilst we have lost the Graduate berths adjacent to the water’s edge we now have a new concrete apron which connects the main ramp with the existing middle ramp. See picture below

3. Also the United Utilities forestry department have visited the site this week and planted in excess of 200 native broad leaf trees to replace the trees which were removed last year. According to the United Utilities representative the trees are very slow growing and will not cause us to have any problems for many years to come as they will be actively managed. See picture below

4. I am currently sorting out the Trophies for engraving so if you have not returned your Trophy from last year please ring me on 01772 432254 a.s.a.p. as the Trophies will be delivered to the engravers on Friday 4th February.

5. Finally watch out for your Fleet captain’s newsletters as we want to re-launch the club and get you all back on the water from the start of the season. Additionally Richard and I will be organizing some more improver racing sessions so make yourselves known if you want us to organize some training.

6. Your Bosun is currently prowling around the club editing his Working party lists so watch this space for more details.

Keith Roberts
Vice Commodore