No organised training Friday 8th August, but you can still go and sail if there is safety cover.

Well last Friday was interesting, the rain stayed with us but wasn’t too heavy and the wind was reasonably light, so out the 4 intrepid sailors went, 2 in my GP14 and 2 in the Wanderer, flying spinnakers and going round behind the island. 

Unfortunately this Fridays session, Friday 8th August, we are going to have to cancel as most of the instructors are away on our holidays. 

I am up the following Friday, Friday 15th August, and look forward to seeing you all then. 

Group 1, the topper group we will endeavour to continue doing race training

Group 2, the oppie group that sail outside the jettys we will be looking to continue working on going upwind and the five essentials.

Group 3, the oppie group sailing between the jettys will continue to build their confidence and develop their sailing skills.

Unfortunately our wonderful galley team are not available and so we will need to organise some food for ourselves, have we any volunteers?, Have we got many people looking to come up?.

Re: the Sailing Camp

As we have discussed Dave and I are looking to organise a sailing camp on the weekend of Friday 5th September, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th September.

Friday night will probably involve setting up camp, possibly do some theory and play some games.

Saturday will probably start at 10am and go on right through the day and into the evening, much like a Friday night.

Sunday will probably start at 10am with prep for racing, a trip to Belmont Church for those that want too 10.30 – 11.30,  and then we will join in with the club trophy day with supervised racing and prizes for those that join in.  

If you are interested then please let me know so that we can guage the number of people interested. If you are interested but can only take part on certain days then please still let me know.

Hope you are enjoying your holidays and your parents are managing to keep you all busy.


Chris Aubrey