Thanks to all those who attended the 24 Hour Race meeting on Sunday evening. 

Subject to General Committee approval we have agreed on the following:

GP14 Team – Captained by Mark Platt  (Club boat)
GP14 Team – Captained by Graham Courtney (Mark Platt’s boat)
Enterprise Team – Captained by Geoff Ditchfield (Geoff Ditchfield and Frank McMullen’s boat)

Geoff Ditchfield has kindly offered to sponsor the event and has pledged £200 (Big thanks Geoff),  however we have also agreed a payment per crew member of £5 which will cover food at the event and any incidental items the boats may need to prepare them for the race.

If you would like to be part of the team please email stating which boat you would prepare to sail.

Please note this is a 24 hour event and we would expect every crew member to be available for the majority of that time, particularly the hours from Saturday 12th 10.00 pm to 8.00 am on Sunday, 13th September.