With the first Sunday of the new season fast approaching, here’s a reminder about the day…

It’s Sunday 25th March 2018 first race starting at 11am.

The first race is a ‘support’ race, where those sailors who are not quite at the front of their fleet can receive assistance. It’d be really good if the good sailors can sacrifice their race to help other members of their fleet to improve their racing skills.

OOD duties can be found on Duty Man or on the website here: http://sail-org-uk.stackstaging.com/members-area/ood-list/

Here’s the OOD Duties for the first two Sundays:

Sun 25/03/2018 PRO Peter Mackin 
Sun 25/03/2018 Safety Geoff Ditchfield 
Sun 25/03/2018 Safety Simon Horton 
Sun 25/03/2018 Safety Peter May 
Sun 25/03/2018 Safety John Shevelan
Sun 25/03/2018 Safety *** Volunteer Required **

Sun 01/04/2018 PRO Ian Moodie 
Sun 01/04/2018 Safety Matthew Daly 
Sun 01/04/2018 Safety Jasper Meij 
Sun 01/04/2018 Safety Stephen Pollard
Sun 01/04/2018 Safety *** Volunteer Required ***
Sun 01/04/2018 Safety *** Volunteer Required ***